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Lumirance is European inspired luxury skin care that is designed to be a complete regimen suitable for all age groups.

“The skin care portion of the line addresses everything the skin needs to stay healthy and vibrant but for those wanting to take anti-aging to the next level, there is also an entire line of chemical peels that are part of the Lumirance line. Chemical peels have been one of our industry trademarks for many years and we are amongst the major manufacturers and distributors in this area. There is really no country we have not exported to. Lumirance contains a complete selection of peels any esthetician would need.”

The goal of Lumirance is to simplify the consumer’s life by combining multiple active ingredients in one product with a concise label describing what each product is for and how to use it.

For example, “The Cream” is a combination of anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamins and botanicals all in one, suitable for all skin types, and replaces the need for both a day and a night cream.

The entire line is designed under a category of skin care called “Natra-Tech” – a proprietary term denoting a combination of nature and technology.

This fits with the philosophy behind Lumirance to be completely free of animal testing, animal by products and parabens while using potent ingredients and minimal fragrance.

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